PLAYLIST.... blue eyed soul

sorry black ladies...there is another reason to hate white women. haha. blue eyed soul, according to wikipedia, has been around since the mid-60's especially over in the UK... although the majority of us are barely getting hip to this movement with the emergence of artists like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, and one of my personal favorites, Sara Haze. while their male counterparts are also making their mark (i.e. robin thicke, john mayer) on a large scale...the ladies are far from half stepping. Adele, who's album 19 is def one of my favorites, won two grammys this year. Duffy also won a grammy in 2008 and crazy ass Amy Winehouse is a grammy winner FIVE TIMES over. with a track record like this, blue eyed soul is bound to be around for a long time to come. newcomer, Sara Haze is already following in the footsteps of these other soulful crooners...her song, Lovely, was featured on episode of the Style networks hit show Ruby. AND her other song My Own Hands to Hold was featured on an episode of The HIlls earlier this year. BAM! bish is bad! sooo if you're tired of the same ole R&B shenanigans (nude pics, shaved heads, autotune disasters, & 1 hit wonders) download some blue eyed soul into your life. trust me, you won't be disappointed.

my song of the moment, Colored on Me by Sara Haze. please listen 2 the lyrics!:



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