PLAYLIST.. umm R.Keri baby??

how do yall feel about this new R.Kelly & Keri Hilson joint??? hmm my thoughts?? it's cool and all. love that he cut his hair off. a man 21+ is just not allowed to be rocking cornrows. on the other SO over Keri's quick weave. gawd dawg!!! i mean i rolls w her, but she's had this hairstyle for far too long (especially in the entertainment world where chicks change their hair every week).

my fave line? "if ya dick was a gun, u a stone cold killa..." hahaha Keri Keri..ur so silly.

p.s. that fuscia lipstick is beyond bamb! think imma cop that shade!



Clear X said…
1 tiny little comment- Though Keri Hilson's hair has been the same since she's come into the mainstream I kindof appreciate at that about her. Every1 else is constantly competing with eachother to see who can out do who, and then impressionable fans our going for broke in an attempt to keep up with the celebrities. I appreciate that she seems like a normal person with great talent as opposed to a mega star who is constantly trying to be in the public eye and setting trends. There's a humbleness to her that's gonna take her far and make her liked by the masses. (boy did I go off on a tangent) lol
mDot said…
good point sis!
I don't like the Jamaican weave...sorry and I am still mad at R. Kelz.

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