PLAYLIST: digitally sexy....

even though this song isn't extraordinary, i LOVE the video. abstract, sexy, vibrant, fresh, etc etc. i love the metallic painted ladies with the big hair, American Apparel outfits, & bold lip color.

p.s. Kanye's verse makes me LOL =)

ALSO, b/c im a HUGE fan of DC i thought i'd post a lil Wale on here. now let me say this, i am NOT a fan of Lady Gaga...but this song is dope. plus it makes me wanna pack my bags, move 2 DC, & make a long overdue stop @ Ben's Chili Bowl (yummmy!!!!). i remember when i had his "nike boots" song on my myspace page for moooonths! i rolls w Wale.

enjoy blogger babies!



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