FAB FILES: you can't deny her....

rihanna is THAT beeeyotch! there is no way you can deny her star power. granted, im not a huge fan of her music...have never felt the urge to buy an album...but there are an album's amount of songs by her that i do like. whether you love her or hate her, you're still watching her...insanely intrigued by her mystery. puzzled by the thought, "does she have a personality??"...magnetically drawn to every picture on every blog. subconsciously emblazoning every element of her strategically styled outfit into your memory & failing miserably when you try to pull the faux look off. she's my Dirty Diana...with crazy pointed nails, a pouty mouth, & shaved head. her new Vogue Italia shoot has been talked about the past couple of days on the web and i see why. dark, couture, striking, eclectic, psychotic, daring, mysterious...the words i thought when i seen the pictures. she is the golden star of the entertainment world. domestic violence, nude pictures, rumors, beef, etc etc. the world has watched and will continue to watch all while Rihanna changes outfits atleast twice daily & walks the streets of countless cities using the sidewalks as her runways.

for more pics of her Vogue Italia shoot go to rihannadaily.com



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