QUOTABLES: just leave already....

"you never see it coming, you just get to see it go...." -drake

silly of me to even think to have confidence in you.
now that i've spoken my heart, i feel MUCH better about leaving.
i see you making absolutely NO effort to change...not for me.
but what about making yourself better for YOU...??
are you THAT selfish that you would sabotage your future because
you're too stubborn to get out of your own way?
i feel sorry for you.
blatantly pushing me away.
tsk tsk...glad i wont be around when this comes and bites you in the ass.
as much as this hurts, it kinda doesn't.
it's like a numb feeling.
i did my part....you chose not to do yours.

NOW.......now, i'm done.



p.s. i'm SO frustrated. "hurt turns to anger......friends turn to strangers". to think he can walk away so easily after professing his so-called love for me, after telling me that a relationship with me is what he wants. smh so full of sh*t!! as much as i hate him.....i love him even more. this sucks ass!!!


nikkiblanco said…
i swear i wish you could read some of my poetry—it's like we hurt the same and love the same... love hard or not at all

don't let it jade you... i think it might be a little too late for me
MiaMcK said…
is your poetry on FB??

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