MY 2 CENTS: let the church prEy....

I am not even going to read the details of this Bishop Eddie Long scandal.
i will just pray.
it is not my job to pass judgment on the Bishop or the accusers.
i will just pray.
the Christian community is falling apart.
where are the wrinkle and spot free churches?
but as my Bishop always says,
we go to church for GOD not the people.
my faith in God isn't dependent on how perfect or imperfect
my pastor/bishop/priest is.
my faith in God comes from knowing Jesus as my personal savior.
#thatisall #thatiseverything
we are merely men.
we WILL fail.
when our spiritual leaders fall victim to their flesh,
that doesn't make me turn away from church or God.....
reading these silly gossip blogs and the comments makes me sick.
so easily the devil is glorified.

i will pray for God to have the last laugh. to God be the glory.
my faith is in the almighty.


i def posted a comment over on
just because all of those people commenting were so ignorant and LOST.
makes me sad...what is our world coming to?

*cue Mary Mary* "i wanna gooooooo to HEAVEN!!!"


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