PLAYLIST: flip, roll, pop.

in the words of ME.... FLIP, ROLL, POP. flip ur hair, roll your eyes, and pop your gum. that's exactly what i'll be doing as i jam to this new joint by Willow Smith.

to the disgusting people who talk badly about this LITTLE GIRL, you should be ashamed of yourselves. i couldn't believe the comments i read on the gossip blogs about this song and child. why would you call a child WACK?? in what world is that okay? you've got to be kidding!

anywho, i support the Smith family! love love love them!

so go 'head Little Willow, do your thang! i dig all of your laced up pants glory!



nikkiblanco said…
I love the whole family, seriously... they can do no wrong in my eyes!

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