DEAR SUMMER: now that you're gone...

i am excited to welcome Fall.
the past two weeks i have been MORE than out of it.
the break up FINALLY really hit me....hard.
the energy was sucked right out of me.
dare i say i was tip toein' around some type of MINOR depression.
literally, my whole body hurt.
this morning....this early early morning i began to feel inspired.
in my weakness, i am beyond strong.
there, amidst the dark clouds, i see a glimmer of light.
people who know me, know that when i am in one place too long
i feel trapped. i like to get up and go at the drop of a dime.
i am the QUEEN of leaving.
not running....but experiencing new environments.
i am kids, no relationship.
no ties. i can move freely.
as much as i LOVE the LA scene and living in Cali....
east coast living is necessary. EVERYONE should experience it sometime in life.
why not now?
dilemma. i have been sending out my rezzy A LOT so i know it will be getting hits soon.
this is why i am waiting until the end of October to officially transition outta here.
with this in mind, i was TOTALLY caught off guard when the west coast general manager for ALEXIS BITTAR called me last nite.
they begin interviews next week for their new west coast stores.
i am also heading to DC around the first week of October to pound the pavement in person.
needless to say, this will be a crucial month.
October pretty much determines whether i stay in LaLa land....
or begin a new adventure in the Chocolate City.

we shall see.....



Cyn said…
you are at the proverbial crossroads... how exciting! the hurt will linger, fall off and be replaced with renewed happiness... give it time and faith. love your writings. Good Luck.

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