PLAYLIST: kandi koated & loveLess

laaaaaawd Kandi over here singing about leaving him if he doesn't do what he did to get her to keep her. this woman KNOWS she can write a damn song!!

"long talks, we used to do it. compromise, we used to do it......i'm bout to leeeeeave leeeeeave you."

girl girl girl, you better sing my life. she said "i put this on my mama, u keep doin the same thang...silence gonna be your best friend. cuz i wont be here & this house gonna b so cold without me here. you aint got to worry no more. i'm packin up my bags & im out the front door. byyeeee byeee byeee" YAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! sing it bEtch!

compliments.affection. & passion. used to do it. *sigh*

#shoutout to for supplying this song to my blackberry MONTHS ago back when it was known as "Hurt". i feel so ahead of the game :-)

Loving You No More....

when you get hurt by the one you're living for, pain can make you wanna love no more...

"the same one i'm missin is basically the reason i became somethin different. it's just that i remember me before & if you can do the same baby then we'd be for sure..."



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