DISASTERS IN DATING: i hate this part right here....

I know there are stages you go through in a breakup, I'm not sure of the order though. I have been pretty numb for the past month, not allowing myself to cry or feel too weak. Today, I got mad. Hello anger. I feel this relationship didn't mean sh*t...wasn't about sh*t. The way it has ended with no real "closure" is so ridiculous. I mean I don't really believe in "closure" but I do believe that some type of conversation is needed to kind of tie up loose ends. We haven't had that. I feel like I took the burden of the relationship and held it on my shoulders, so when I decided to release the burden, he pulled a b*tch move. I let him take the easy way out, he took it & ran QUICK! So, now
I'm mad.*bbm angry face* Mad cuz I honestly feel like I wasted the majority of 2010 on someone who wasn't genuine. #LessonLearned. I'm so very done.

selfish. unappreciative. disrespectful. arrogant. untruthful.

characteristics that make me so effin sick.


I just hate that I can't listen to some of my favorite songs now without feeling like my head will combust from holding in tears. Ugh! Love is for suckas...why did I forget that?


"dedicating time when I really can't afford to be..." -drake

now I'm broke :-/ joke's on me.


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