#imjustsayin.... no double standards

when it comes to shady activities, i despise it equally from men and women. i am utterly disgusted by the lack of respect people have for each other. nasty bitches and dirty dogs. excuse my language but i am very passionate about this topic.

women who freely offer their bodies to every Tom, Dick, & Harry make me want to vomit. men who live by the d*ck.....die by the d*ck. go get tested!

what happened to your body being a temple? these guys and girls who have so much mileage on their bodies are sad. do you not know your worth? do you not want to have something to offer your husband/wife? something that hasn't been completely thrashed by every female/male you found attractive....

smh. respect yourselves. this is not me judging....this is me just sick of people using sex as some weapon of mass destruction. destroying relationships, destroying self-esteem, destroying love.

the more i witness the careless way people treat themselves and others, the more appealing CELIBACY looks. what about you would make me want to have part of you deposited in my spirit?

i am denouncing all spirits that have attached themselves to me from previous "experiences". i refuse to be connected to people who burdern my spirit with the weight of their past.

freeing myself from you and all that you brought. disconnecting from him, him, him, and him.

ready to continue life with a light spirit.

#imjustsayin....who are you allowing to taint your spirit???




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