#imjustsayin...love is always needed

It's been damn near a month since I've heard it or read it. Today I got it. It was EXACTLY what I needed. the "I love you" text. Sh*t is far from good between us, but those words in that text message were like hot chocolate & a good book on a rainy day. #comforting. If nothing else, I am seriously beginning to miss the small things. showering together. putting lotion on his back. watching funny youtube videos. that same old Bruce Lee movie. *sigh* I'm beginning to miss the small things.

I'm not dying without him.
I'm actually fine without him.
This isn't about a need...
This is about the person who I want.
Not in a selfish "I get what I want" way.
But in a "I want to spend my life making you smile" way.

A lot of work needs to be done.
Changes need to be made.
I can see, easily, that love...in its truest form is ALWAYS needed.
& his love is all that I want.

cuz I'm beginning to miss the small things.



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