THEME MUSIC: throwback tunes....

i think a lot of times men forget to appreciate the women in their lives. mother, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend, etc. when was the last time you (mister man reading this) told the "her" in your life that you were proud of her? when was the last time you encouraged her because you knew she was stressed & "going through it"?

women are EXPECTED to hold their man down & be so damn ride-or-die, but how often do we get the same treatment in return. fellas, i know your girl sends you sweet text messages....have you returned the favor? yes, i know that men and women act differently in relationships but some things should be universal. loyalty, respect, care...those are all significant components in relationships that tend to never be equally present from both partners.

New Edition asks "can you stand the rain?" and i will answer it for A LOT of the men out there....the answer is NOT AT ALL. men are supposed to be protectors and providers. when was the last time you earnestly protected her heart or provided her with comfort???

just something to think about. run out and buy an umbrella or matter of fact, just stay indoors. this rain....this clearly not for the faint of heart.



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