POETICALLY INCLINED: Borrowing Rainboots....

"she wasnt prepared for the storm the first time,
so now she wears rainboots in the sunshine...."
- Lite for B

Needed some rainboots cuz it started storming in July.
Heatwave in August, but my rain hasn't let up. sunny gray sky.
wear & tear on my boots had me slipping regardless of the resisting.
held my tongue for far too long, all in the name of submitting.
Sacrificed my peace of mind, just to keep the peace.
Relationship on its last leg, so he flew east.
Deserted the crime scene, prime suspect on the run.
CSI: North Hollywood. investigation done.
evidence collected.
scattered traces of love all over.
outline of a heart drawn on the bathroom mirror.
flakes of care & strands of compassion in combs & brushes.
the scent of passion laced in the sheets.
ghosts of good times still linger.
of laughter


and so here i am, summertime sniffles.
B brings me rainboots, no questions asked.
reinforce the rubber. cuz i'm not slipping anymore.


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