TWITTER ME THIS: hiatus much?

i am currently on a break from twitter. no particular reason....just thought i'd focus less on the social networking scene & focus more on me. for instance, i have been able to put my random thoughts and outbursts on this blog and in my journal instead of limiting myself to 140 characters. Also, i have avoided the tendency to check up on him to see what he's doing, how he's doing, etc. I mean, if he wanted me to know.....he would let ME know. I am avoiding him altogether....especially via social networks.

so my blogger babies, if you feel the urge to get in contact with me. CALL ME.

let's get back to that. hear my voice instead of ALWAYS reading my words. granted, my words do flow nicely. *smiley face*

my Ruthi is also on this hiatus as well. we agreed to go until september 1st....i don't think she is gonna last. annnnnd i kinda feel like i may go even longer, just so i can get back in the swing of updating my blog and actually writing down my feelings/thoughts in my personal journal.

words are my therapy and i have a feeling i am going to need them A LOT.


p.s. although, i do feel a nice twitter rant coming along. i may break my hiatus day only!!!


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