POETICALLY INCLINED: and i know this much....

sleepless in California
good rest evades me.
afraid that if my eyes close for too long
haunting images will be permanently etched under my eye lids.
nightmare-ish lullaby songs.
"yo side of the bed" on repeat & skippin.
im long gone & lost.
tryin to find my way back when i kiss u.
compass permanently pointing South.
Mary J wailing about how "im going down...."
been functioning on mute, screaming for attention.
clearly unheard.
your every action is met with my disapproving reaction.
can't get right.
giving while you take.
how did we even get here?
miscommunicating vital information.
i love you sounds like i tolerate you.
wires must be crossed.
must be static on the line.
their words mean more than mine?
caller id has got to be broken.
those break...not hearts.
unclear air, untamed fires are smokin.
all of this doesn't make sense.
& i don't understand most of it.
i know this much.

Sheol Hell won't be the same without.
I'll burn with you and for you.
God save the "King".
cuz Lord knows he has the kind of stuff that looks like "my everything".
XIII...in my world, that means i love you. power that to the 13.



Anonymous said…
This brought a tear to my eyes. I felt the heartache with every line I read. Woman to woman SMILE and dry your eyes..You deserve too. Read ya other blogs, I see you like fashion but have you ever considered writing, poetry ect.
MiaMcK said…
writing is the air that supplies life to me. thank u for the encouragement, nothing better than woman to woman respect & understanding. i have lots of poetry everywhere! myspace, facebook, & here especially. read, enjoy, comment, all of that. thank u again!

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