DISASTERS IN DATING: perception is the new reality

Just as in Hollywood how image is everything, in relationships it is perception that seems to hold so much weight. how do outside people view your relationship? Often times it is the world who sees things that we may not see or what may in fact not even be true. But just as a Christian desires for their Christ-like light to reflect to the world, wouldn't it be nice that your relationship's happy glow is seen as a beacon? Or are the flashing lights of your relationship really flares, signaling an emergency?

I feel that perception is so very important in relationships because you want your solid foundation to show so much that even the boldest male or female will think twice about trying to destroy it. The perception of solid ground should cause every side heaux to retreat. Perception should not be a front though....it should be reality.

If more men and women understood the importance of perception, certain actions would cease. Frequent communication with exes, text messages from the opposite sex, etc would all be null and void. I can only speak from a woman's point of view, so when I say that some GIRLS don't give a damn....know that there is nothing but truth in that statement. A simple text message to a guy is a crack in the foundation for a girl. Some girls will continue to disrespect a relationship because the guy in it allows them to do so.

Fellas, when was the last time you nipped inappropriate conversation in the bud because it could be perceived the wrong way by your girlfriend?? I am pretty sure 100% of guys would have a fit if their girlfriend had conversations with guys in the same manner that they had with girls outside of their relationship.

Love shouldn't have double standards. point blank period.
Do unto her as you would have done unto you.

If random girls perceive your relationship to be unstable, they will find the crack and dig deep. when that crack becomes a trench, what happens then? resentment. arguing. misunderstanding. diminishing trust. lack of communication.

Relationships require a responsibility that too many people lack. Maturity is also served in low doses.

Before you take another step in your relationship, think hard about what you have contributed to it. What have you been taking for granted? It is never too late to learn from your mistakes and correct them accordingly.

Don't let faulty perception be the death of amor.



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