POETICALLY INCLINED: but not really....

i had something really good to say, then i forgot it.
had the words thought out nicely, adjectives all in place.
i was inspired by his smile, his face, his expressions....
then i forgot 'em.
not on purpose....it kind of just happened.
i held on for as long as possible, hoping i'd keep a memory.
but he kept slipping away.
i meant to document this experience, so i could always remember.
kept telling myself to write down the fun times and every joke that made me laugh.
but i didn't.
i swear i really wanted to share with the world what great joy he brought,
but i suppose i wanted to keep some of us secret.
cuz i mean, seemed like the more that people "knew" the worst it became.
no one ever really wants to see someone else happy.
i was initially inclined to blog about the time he kissed my every tattoo...
yep all 7 of 'em.
& at that moment i was sure that i would get more ink just so his lips would never leave me.
i'd get an X across my heart & would hope he'd find that spot everyday of his life.
yea, i was going to blog about that.
but i didn't.
weekly bubble baths meant for two and champagne on ice.
i forgot about the sweet whispers and nights wrapped in his arms.
i definitely made an attempt to tell about how each morning we took turns making breakfast for each other.
so easily it slipped my mind.
cuz we forget to tell about the goodness, those moments discarded once love goes sour.

i was POETICALLY INCLINED to pen my greatest love story about him.
but not really....

cuz i have decided to keep it all inside.




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