DISASTERS IN DATING: the proverbial break......up

i have heard fairytale stories as well as nightmares regarding couples who have gone on "breaks". from the couple who a break did wonders for, because they realized what they had in each other....to the couple who seen that a break UP was clearly what was needed and stayed apart. but how do you know what group you fall in? are your issues so profound that a break up is the only logical thing to do? or is the love so genuine that both parties are willing to put in the work to resolve issues and grow together.

what if you're a mix of both categories? what if you know the love has what it takes to work but the issues have consumed the relationship and it seems better to part ways than continue on a road leading to unhappiness.....*sigh* relationships suck. when you have been so far removed from the relationship mindset, it can be difficult to change your mind to the "us" and "we" instead of the "i" and "me".

how do we get back to our happy place when the road is hidden by the rubbish of miscommunication, resentment, anger, misunderstanding, etc??

how did we get so lost on this road that neither one of us can mapquest or googlemap the correct directions back to the good times? how do we find our way back? back to what though? this makes me wonder if we were ever happy or were we both wanting so badly for this long awaited union to work that we overlooked tell-tale warning signs? i just don't know anything anymore.

perhaps, parting ways IS what's best. how else am i supposed to feel when it seems as if i'm the only one willing to learn, change, and grow. so i suppose i'll seal this "Dear John" letter and let this burn.


damn you XIII.....this was supposed to work.


G.L.A.M. Chic said…
Ugh, I feel your pain Mia. I just recently when through a transition & perhaps a soon to be break-up. I feel a vent session going on, but I rather not.

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