RANDOM ISH: dream catcher...

last week i had a dream that my teeth were falling out. i don't remember all of the details, only that i could literally feel the iron like taste of blood in my mouth. i was trying to cover my mouth as my teeth crumbled and fell out. i was horrified...but no one in my dream seemed to be bothered by my misfortune.

i finally got around to googling the meaning of this kind of dream and found that it was SO on point. when you dream that your teeth are falling out it has a lot to do with you feeling that what you have to say isn't being respected or understood.

in my relationship i was feeling like my opinion and point of view was falling on deaf ears....like nothing i said/felt had any value to him. it was BEYOND frustrating to be the type of person i am (all about communicating) and not being able to properly communicate with my significant other. this dream was such an accurate depiction of my conscious and subconscious feelings.

guess i'll be googling my dreams a lot more from now on.

for a full break down of my dream, click here: DREAM MEANING



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