DISASTERS IN DATING: be a streetcleaner

so the other nite a few friends & i had a spa nite. (spa nite: girlfriends + swimsuits + spa/jacuzzi + LOTS of girl talk). we've been doing them for years now....they always seem to be MUCH needed in one of our lives.

anywho, i came up with this silly idea to tell SCARY LOVE STORIES. cuz i mean what ghost story can compare to the frightful "situationships" we have been through thus far!? lol we went around the spa, each girl telling a "scary love story" about another girl there. to hear your love life somewhat fictitiously retold by a friend is quite comical.

when it got around to me, my story about "Jerri the Giant & Thumbalino" had quite a few characters that are now reverberating with the girls and i. Peter the PitStop, Oscar the Obstacle, Henry the Hurdle, Steve the Stop Sign, Ron the Roadblock etc. in all actuality, we have ALL dealt with these characters. guys who have come in and out of our life causing drama, leaving scratches on our hearts and bruises on our ego. we have ALL dealt with guys who have taken tiny parts of us that we will never get back, & if we do...that part of us is not quite the same. USED. not so brand new.

our trust isn't fully charged. our self confidence not AS gleaming. our hearts just a tad harder to get to......but we, my friends & i, have decided to LET ALL OF THAT GO. we are devoted to becoming SKARIKA THE STREETCLEANER & removing all the rubbish from our carefully paved streets.

we are awaiting CHARLIE the CHAMPION.

lol. funny story for my friends & i....but in all seriousness, making a conscious effort to accept ONLY what you truly deserve is a much needed change in all of our lives.

thank God for good friends.
love u ladies!



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