DISASTERS IN DATING: oil spots & fingerprints

i just got off the phone with my Auntie Sue....she is absolutely amazing & i am beyond grateful for her. she was dropping all kinds of wonderful witticisms on me. yes, i said witticisms. lmbo. we discussed relationships, life, and family. this woman is so crazy....especially when it comes to her stance on being celibate. she refuses to let a man stain up her "garage" with his unchecked & unmaintenanced vehicle.

this got me to thinking.... how many of us women are allowing men to come in our garages (body & heart) and leave their mark, this mark that leaves our garage less than clean? *raising my hand*

i do declare, i would like to get back to my pristine state. clean & void of the scum. no oil. no fingerprints on my windows. no smudges. we will never be able to reach this point until we make a conscious effort to take more pride in ourselves. don't be afraid to walk in your worth.

you are worth more than a half ass relationship, a booty call, a liar, a cheater....you are worth more than all of that. we have to stop settling just for the sake of settling. growing older doesn't mean we get into a relationship to settle down....we should be waiting on that relationship that riles us up. livens us up. fills us up.

bust out your gloves and cleaning products....time to rid our lives of the unfavorable remnants of past lovers, users, "men". in order to move on with LIFE we must remove all oil spots and fingerprints.

good luck sistas!


you left your fingerprints all over me. all over my heart. so quickly we fell apart & as much as it hurts me...i'm windexing every smudge of you from my life. cleaning off this so-called "love" that was once all over me. left unappreciated, i'm taking my love back. fingerprints off. please don't touch.


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