FUNNY FUNNY: kids do the darndest things...

so yesterday my 9 year old nephew D was going super hard on some bbq lays chips a few hours before football practice. my brother tells him to "lay off the salt before practice" and my sis-in-law says "yea, go wash 'em down with some water". my nephew then disappears into the kitchen for a few moments before returning to us and asking "okay so can i drink it out of the bag???"

LMBO!!! he went and LITERALLY washed the chips with water by filling the bag of chips with faucet water. i IMMEDIATELY start crying laughing. let me tell you.....i desperately NEEDED that laugh. mind you, he asked this with the straightest face....he was beyond dead serious. LMBO.

so thank you Neph for bringing a long lost laugh to my tummy.



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