#imjustsayin: my AMAZING day

i don't believe in perfect, but i do live by AMAZING.
things can be AMAZING & be far from perfect.
i do declare that one day imma wake up & EVERYTHING is going to be amazing.
sleep will fade seamlessly away 5 minutes before my alarm sounds.
well rested & ready to take the day on, i find nothing but AMAZING clothes
in my well organized closet.
and those jeans that fit a little too snug last week...are fitting somewhat AMAZINGLY today.
that makes me smile....real big!
my nails & toes are perfectly painted, no chips.
gas tank on F & my wallet didn't feel it.
im not bloated or feeling fat, my curves are curving just right.
what an AMAZING day.
hair is doing EXACTLY what i want it to do (oh, that will be the day...the AMAZING day)
& this fresh bottle of mascara has my lashes at the length i've always desired.
no bird crap on my windshield.
no scuff on my favorite high heels.
i even got through a shower & shaving session with not one single nick from the razor.
sun is shining...but not so much as to cause a sweat. but rather...a nice glow.
the breeze is AMAZING, no need for a jacket.
my friends are happy...my family is blessed.
im loving this AMAZING day.
my heart is beating regularly, no sign of aches or breaks.
i dont even feel the slightest twinge of anxiety or the dull sensation of tears.

one day imma wake up & EVERYTHING is going to be AMAZING.
cuz i don't believe in perfect but i do live by AMAZING.
i cant help but think that this day wouldn't be so far fetched if he believed in amazing too.




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