LIFE AND SUCH: peace be with you

i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. a friend from high school was killed today and i hurt.

i hurt because this occurs MUCH too often in my hometown. it is utterly heartbreaking. my fallen hometown heroes, blood stained streets of my childhood.

life is but a dream.

a memory for most, the way it passes so quickly. these moments in time when the grief in the air is so thick, it's dang near palpable....these moments cause me to revert inwards. my thoughts won't leave me alone.

who's next? will my life be short? when will the mourning cease?

this world is so sick and evil. love is the only thing worth much of anything these days. what's the point of power, money, fame? you can't take it with you. but love? love transcends the here and is immortal. eternal. forever.

i'm going to spend some time with Mia for a few days. pray, meditate, refocus. the tears that are sure to flow will be my spiritual cleanse.

Lord, i need you now. i need you more than i've ever needed you before. to show up and restore

i pray for comfort and peace for you all. the peace that goes beyond all understanding. Lord, heal our hearts, quiet our minds, comfort our souls.




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