DISASTERS IN DATING: Shackled and Shacking

it's been a full three months since we've been back together.
everything is AWESOME. and when i say awesome, i mean AMAZING.

in all seriousness, i couldn't ask for more. currently, i am shacking with him while saving up to make my official move to LA. it is an interesting experience. granted, we have had a few moments. but they were different this time around. if these same "moments" happened a year ago, we would have been drowning in miscommunication and unhappiness. growth has occurred. we are learning everyday how to talk TO each other and LISTEN. we are understanding ourselves, each other, and our relationship.

i am SO proud of him. so proud of US. i have made a conscious decision to forgive him and trust him. it's hard. i know my ladies out there know how difficult it is to move forward in a relationship where you were previously cheated on, lied to, betrayed, etc. trust issues are no joke.

but i trust him. i see it in his actions....he changed. not saying he is perfect, nor am i...nor is this relationship. i am saying that we are committed to facing every situation head on with each other. with open and honest conversations.

it has become so clear to me how much we are invested in this. i can't even begin to tell you all how good it feels to have someone who truly has your back and holds you down with love being the only expectation of payment for his services.

sometimes i get anxiety about waking up one day and this all being taken from me. but each day i wake he's there...holding me. each day brings us closer, me all up in his space. even when i get on his nerves. even when he pisses me off. we work at it daily. we forgive and kiss. we let love conquer.

we're shackled by love.
we're shacking with love. (temporarily)

so blogger babies, how do you all feel about the dreaded "shacking" option in relationships?



Ashley said…
Your words def. express how you feel. I hope to be able to trust & all that other stuff again. One day.
nikkiblanco said…
everyone shacks up in NY to save money and get that winter loving! enjoy ;)

p.s. you give me HOPE :) and I already have FAITH so I know it'll happen soon for me too!

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