My 2 Cents: More Substance

i am a HUGE fan of Destiny's Child, thus making me even more of a fan of the individuals. i adore Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce' really. I am so very excited for Kelly's breakout year. She has had great success with her music stateside, that doesn't yet match her overseas fanbase, but it is growing.

now, all of this to say that i am disappointed with Kelly's lack of substance and creativity with her videos. having sweaty, well built men fawning over you in an oversexualized way in your videos is....old.

push the envelope...don't play it safe by being mediocre and stereotypical. sexy song doesn't mean you HAVE to have an OVERTLY sexy video. implied sexy is MUCH more sexy than the in your face lust she displays in her vids. *sigh* i just want her to go even better. don't do the obvious.

anywho, that is just my 2 cents. peep the vid for Lay It On Me below.

shout out to my homie @hitboy_sc for the production on this joint!



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