LOCAL LOYALTY: Hittin' Fr3sh

are words really necessary? SO SO SO SO SO very proud of Jelani and Chauncey truly representing our home region, the IE, extremely well. humble, genuine, kind, TALENTED, God fearing... both awesome examples of what consistent hard work will get you.

thank you Puka and C for inspiring me by simply walking in your divine purpose! you both really do deserve all success that comes your way. Puka, i absolutely adore you...always have and always will. Thank you for always being YOU. C, you're dope...you know it...you work hard to be dope. CONGRATULATIONS. "hey mama i made it!!" you are DEF making it. :-)

Check out a behind the scenes look at Hit-Boy mixing his production of "Lay it On Me" -Kelly Rowland ft Big Sean. video produced by Jelani Fr3sh.

continue to support Surf Club....they are major! shout out to Young Ry, Kent Money, the incomparable Stacy Barthe, Chili Chill, B Carr, Chase n Cashe!



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