DISASTERS IN DATING: the resurrection....

time passes.
mistakes are made.
tears are shed.
apologies said and accepted.
then love......

it never ceases to amaze me how incredible love is.
it comes in and covers a multitude of wrongs.
i am absolutely in awe of its power.

when you can look into the face of love and feel God,
that's when you know.
just like the Christian walk, love isn't always easy.
we backslide, we fall off, we make bad decisions along the way.
then love....

saves us.
restores us.
strengthens us.
resurrects us.

i am literally consumed with this life altering emotion.
we are exactly where we're supposed to be.
with each other.
loving every inch of each other.

and we can't get enough,
cuz like he said "you are who i want".
we fit.

"aint no competition when you're in it...." ;-)


i knew that we'd find our way back to each other.
being apart was the best thing that could have happened to us.
it hurt like hell to leave you, but it was SO necessary.
there is no better feeling than learning, living, and loving WITH you.
i never thought it would be this easy to start from scratch, start over, start anew....
but it is.
we feel so right.
over a year ago, we rushed into something that took yeeeeeaaars to finally establish.
now, standing at the starting line of 2011...i can say that this is where we belong.
infatuated at first sight on a random night in 2005.
we have the stuff that true love stories are made of.
let's work at it baby.

i have fallen in love with you all over again....

welcome home daddy.



Anonymous said…
i read ya blogs and I felt your pain the whole time.. I read ya words and felt the strenght of u getting over that love and now i feel like u have copped out, settled. Women so easily forgive and never forget. Has he really changed, Or could you get over him. IDK dont take offense, I dont know you or him, I was jus a fan of the blog, and you gave me inspiration that we can move on. But i guess sometimes u love someone so much you cant. Wish u well in this one, you deserve real love.
MiaMcK said…
thank you so much for your honesty. i appreciate that. for me, the best thing i could have ever done for my relationship was leave it. we spent four months apart and no, that's not a long time but it was time well spent.

this wasn't just any relationship... it was that love at first sight (dang near 6 years ago now). we had a very open and brutally honest conversations before deciding to proceed with "us".

and it's amazing. "love works like magic" covering a multitude of wrongs. no worries honey, my rose colored glasses are broken...eyes are open. as is my heart. open and ready to forge ahead, loving and living.

stay tuned....

nikkiblanco said…
my cousin told me she saw you and that you and your love were back together and because i've read most of your blogs and felt your pain, and kneeeew how much it meant because i've been there--i was SO HAPPY for you! i know we only met once, but somehow, feel connected to you as a woman on a journey who is compelled by inner spirit and talent--to share that journey... :)

don't forget about us lonely girls who still need a blog post or two to give us hope on our journey! don't forget in the midst of being overwhelmed with love to step outside of the matrix and remember your essence... journal even if you don't blog it all!

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