TWITTER ME THIS: linked 2 perfection

i went to Brandy's twitter page (@4everbrandy) & she had a link to her daughter's little blog up...went to the blog & found this video. "my mom singing in the bathroom"...

if i woke up to this beautiful everyday would be amazing. i really believe Brandy has one of the most underrated voices in the industry. her music is like that money you find in the pocket of some old jeans. the jeans fit perfectly & you get excited when you remember that 5 bucks is stashed in 'em. with Brandy you KNOW she's dope & you get excited when you hear one of her songs cuz sometimes you forget HOW dope she is.

i seriously can't stop watching this... makes me wanna go put on my Never Say Never cuz it takes me 2 a good&innocent place in my life.

have a blessed day blogger babies....



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