"my great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done & try to love somebody & have the courage to accept the love in return..." -maya angelou

my favorite word in this quote is courage. without courage it is almost impossible to do anything. i talked about this on twitter last night. "courage is underrated. a lot of us don't have enough of it which is precisely why we tend NOT to be fond of trying new things. it takes courage to change your life...takes courage to love & LET love. don't underestimate or shy away from courage. but rather, embrace it".

i know that as a woman it can be hard to accept good things. especially when that good thing is a GOOD MAN. we've experienced or witnessed the effects of relationships/men gone bad & the reality of something good happening is at times a far-fetched idea. women...okay, perhaps it's just me...so yea Iset myself up for failure by simply not having the courage to LET love. it's hard to just BE.

im praying on it.

but yea blogger babies...today i ask that you incorporate some courage in your life. whether it be the courage to love, the courage to leave/let go, the courage to LEAD, the courage to TRUST, the courage to increase your faith in God, the courage to speak up for yourself, the courage to dream bigger, or perhaps the courage to just BE YOU...increase your courage & decrease your self-doubt.




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