FAB FILES: Project Ethos

this installment of Fab Files will be a tad different than previous entries. i will be focusing on an event rather than a person. so this past weekend (oct 24th) was the Project Ethos music.art.& fashion show at the House of Blues on Sunset...i had the pleasure of working this event. :-) i can honestly say that i had a blast!!! the weeks leading up to the event weren't as blogworthy but the event itself was pretty darn amazing. for those of you who don't know, i will break down what Project Ethos is. P.E. is a quaterly show that plays hosts to indie artist, designers, & musicians and basically acts as the bridge between them and the industry. it is the job of Team Ethos to invite all of the right contacts...curators, buyers, music label reps, etc etc so that this is one big networking ball of fun. i LOVED the experience...i met way way way cool people (shout out to Jennifer, Tabia, Blean, Dolly, Racine, Brianne, and the rest of the PR team) and enjoyed working the red carpet/escorting buyers to their seats/shooting the breeze with the crowd. because i was working i didn't get to catch the whole show but i will upload the vids i have of the parts i did see. I DEF made it a point to check out Liz Paige's set and when the fashion show was ending i took in the COWGIRL HEAVEN set. AMAZING! check out the vids below that i recorded on my BB!

Liz Paige rockin out!

and here is COWGIRL HEAVEN...i swear they must have booked these models from the campus of an HBCU cuz a few of them had "a walk so mean". unmistakably from an HBCU modeling troupe! #shoutout to FACES modeling troupe on the campus of Florida A&M University!!!

and this is a vid of sm of the art featured in the "gallery"....good times!

to learn more about Project Ethos...visit the website HERE

enjoy blogger babies!!!


p.s. sounds sux..but hey, it sounds okay on my BB!


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