as some of you may or may not know, Nicki Minaj is the 1st lady of Lil Wayne's Young Money label. i must say, as far as female MCs go...she is def killin the game right now. mainly because Lil Kim is too busy dancing w the stars and getting plastic surgery to worry about her Queen Bee crown. the same crown which has been spray painted pink & is perched slightly askew on top of the perfectly coiffed black & pink tresses of Mizzzz Minaj. with her massive twitter following of wannabe barbies, Nicki is def gonna be a contender in 2010. i rolls with her thick a$$ lol. what can i say? she's think im lying?? check her out in the 5 star chick remix vid i posted below. now ppl who know me, know that i LOVE Trina...but this Barbie beeeeyotch Nicki MURDERED the whole track. :sidenote: Trina's hair was LAID though! lol. nah but real ish....u can fast fwd through the vid to the 3:17 mark when Nicki blaaaazes on the track. she's so cute!

follow her on twitter: @nickiminaj

enjoy blogger babies!!


p.s. the pic above is from the cover of Honey Mag...lookin so glammed & refined.


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