REAL TALK: Kanye West has genius tendencies....

even though he took this off of his BLOG i found it on youtube! yesss! sometimes i thank God for youtube (and google). the POV of the vid had me feeling like I was wasted too. hahaha. i love how the fabric of the chick's dress was then the print on the couch. it's the small details that make this so interesting.

"where's the bathroom??" LMAO i effin love it

"We Were Once a Fairytale"...directed by Spike Jonze

i love how he purges himself at the end. the little beast inside of him is finally dead perhaps...??

kudos Kanye...kudos!



I missed it... I kept seeing it a couple of days ago and I even played it but got distracted and did not finish watching it. And now yours is not working either so I guess I will catch it another time.

Yes, Kanye is on the cutting edge. I hope he does not wear himself thin and lose his creative edge.
I think he wishes it were that simple. Thanks for reposting.

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