UPDATE: Red Headed Step Child....

it's been daaaaaays since i've written anything. SHAME ON ME! i was doing so well. sorry blogger babies, please forgive me! i have been uber busy with school, work, & internship obligations. no excuses though, it is a crying shame that i have neglected my public. this entry will be short, i have to get some work done for my internship then head to work. YIKES! do i ever stop?

want to SEE what i have been doing?? my internship is with Project Ethos. AMAZING! our fashion show is October 24th..the saturday following LA FASHION week and everyone is so GEEKED! check out the website (im on there! yay!)


if ur going to be in the LA area next weekend and want to attend the show, tix r $20. contact me if you're interested!



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