Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fab Files: Legally BAMB....

intelligent. funny. driven. God fearing. beautiful. stylish. outgoing. humble. nice-nasty :-) haha. inspiring. innovative. well-rounded. charismatic.

she is my sister. my business partner. my motivator. my friend. my advisor. my role model. the little devil on my shoulder.

she is what every little girl should strive to be... independent.

Constance J. Rush. please say the J. graduated at the top of her class from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU). then went on to secure a spot at Taylor PR, one of the top public relations firms in the nation. Taylor has instituted a scholarship in her name at FAMU and she is now in her first year of law school in Cali. my sister and i are in the same state again..yay!!!!! Cons... CJ... or whateva u wanna call her, is one of those women men dream about, girls envy, and powerful people praise. she IS all of that and more. this is why she has made her way into my Fab Files.

she will also be a contributing writer on this blog. be on the lookout for her input.

Be fab!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008


words dnt always come easily,
so i write.
i dnt let my guard down so easily,
so i fight.

i battle w emotions;
this is my war on terrorism.
Love is my Al-Qaeda.
& im lookin 2 up my heroism.
so i save myself.
& more importantly,
i save u.

save u from
heartache & plenty of headaches.
cuz i am past due expiration dates;
im no good.
im Hurricane Katrina, wrecking things
of beauty.
dont enlist me in this army, i forfeit
my call of duty.
im no good.

instead of trying, i give up.
cuz im not prepared 4 the
look on ur face once u realize
i just dont measure up.

falsified perfection,
my glitter is fool's gold.
& u are the fool adamantly
tryin 2 possess me.
ur forcing goodness on me,
while my "self-sabotage"
systems convince my brain
that im not worthy.

it's in my nature 2 b nonchalant
& carefree.
u represent structure, the
threat of TAMING me...
im not ready.

overwhelmed by ur passion, i
dont quite understand ur intense
so i push away
i push away & neglect my long
overdue healing....
im sorry.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

POETICALLY INCLINED: i am no saint...

i'm addicted 2 self-sabotage....

i over indulge on platters of
heartache & become tipsy off
glasses of disappointment.
i am a gluttonous LUSH...

Pain is my Vice
i am no saint.

i avoid love like
it's a virus i'm
not trying 2 catch.
i refuse 2 be a
statistic of love.

i snort intangible
fantasies & get high
off ideals of a perfect
man i KNOW doesn't exist.

Pain is my Vice.
i am no saint.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

FRESH FROCKS: diggin these threads...

so the other day i was consuming my daily quickfix of fashion over on when something rather interesting piqued my interest.

Boxing Kitten.
a vintage line of daring patterns & colors welded 2gether to celebrate the divalicious spirits of some foxy black women who have come before us. dresses, shorts, & blouses inspired by Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, & other "SHEROES" the designer (Maya Amina) loves.

fans of Boxing Kitten include: ME! lol, J.Davey, DJ Rashida (america's best dance crew), Erykah Badu, etc etc...

check out some of my fave pieces:

the "Josephine" Dress

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the "Billie" jumper

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fab..or what??

p.s. TOTALLY unrelated 2 this post (well except for the newness 2 the scene and utter fabness of the 2) this chick KERI HILSON is so effin BAMB! im lovin her style & her single "energy"

indulge & be jealous of the fierceness that is her. this pic is from her feature in TRACE mag.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sex and the City.... has us FOOLED!

Dear Ladies:

we have this undeniable Carrie-fever which
causes us to fall victim to the Mr. Big complex.
striving to be fabulous, but hung up on the
wrong kind of man who we're praying gets it right...


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

just like freckles & rainboots...

i am sooo taking a page out of BB's manuscript and doing my own little twist on what i miss. life has forced me to go in directions that have led me from my once well-worn path. sooo these are a few things i miss about my life...

i miss:
M.O.R. sleepovers in ONE bed =)
photoshoots w the "Kheng" & i
weekends in East Highland
thurs evening Spa Nites
drivin 2 LA in 45 mins 2 pick up Shay
brownies & Sunday dinners
Polos on Park
baked goods @ the GGF house
LA Water.. "it's the leeeeekur"
pinky promises in the front seat of the Sentra
red cup parties
the Dorjils
dirt roads & 3am McGriddle runs
"daaaaannng Kranisha"
FunYuns & Paco's w Nise
Ash's encyclopedia of made up words
LAX & the Inglewood condo
chips & dip @ the a.p.t.
parking tickets @ UCR
shots of Patron
"club" runs b4 the club HAHA
Love Jones
boo time
being dangerously in love
happy hour w Ro & Bleether
7eleven slurpees


the life i have led thus far has def been awesome!

HAIR WARS: is it because she's relevant...??

Kelis epitomizes what it means to walk, talk, and live to te beat of your own drum. from her music to her choice in fashion... she does as she pleases. her looks have been praised and then snubbed. so why i wonder, has her mushroom bob been snubbed by some/loved by others... but overall when Rih Rih rocks the 'do it is applauded?? it is loved like she rocked it first or something. idk..i have lots of love for both of these characters, but i wonder is it becase Rihanna is the more relevant artist, that she gets more kudos for the look??

hmmm.... discuss


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POETICALLY INCLINED: "soulmates dissipate.."

been thinking about soulmates.
cuz it seems that i bump into u
at every universal pit stop &
every sign along my journey points
to you.

you are landmarked in my memory.

if i start at your eyes & make a left,
i end up at your lips that i know so
very well. & because of your touch,
i make a u-turn and seem to always
come back. i travel south to go
deeper, only to find that i am lost
in your heart.

so i stay.

gas is too expensive so i dont bother
to refuel.

so in your heart i remain...


Fab Files...

these are my monthly, weekly, or whenever-i-feel-like-it posts of utter FABness. From celeb gossip, fashion, etc. to the fabulosity of the around-the-way homegirl.

sooo lately i have def been feeling lil miss Sol-Angel herself. she has come back with more fierceness in her pinky than some of these other artists have in their whole body. her funky style & who gives a crap attitude has grown on me. but whatev, that is neither here nor there... Solange is a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter perfection of the woman we adoringly call Bey.

thank goodness she got rid of the burgundy, blonde, & brown braids... okay just the braids in general. =)

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Dear Summer...

this isnt a love note.
but rather a kiss-off.
i bid you ado...

this summer wasn't filled with beaches, girls night out, shots of patron, or sinfully sensual seductions (insert a sad face here).

for me, it was one of seperation, wilderness, & growth.

i anticipate her return. the aroma of her breeze brings a comforting case of nostalgia. change is in her air and fulfillment is her flavor...

until next time summer... Hello Fall

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REAL TALK! A Depressed Depression....

our economy is in total Suckville right now. no jobs, high prices for gas, groceries, and oxygen... just kidding. ummm not really tho.

rumor has it that if we slip into a depression, our economy will be even more depressed than it was in the 1930s (=/or whenever that was =/)

anywho, Paxil anyone?