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these are my monthly, weekly, or whenever-i-feel-like-it posts of utter FABness. From celeb gossip, fashion, etc. to the fabulosity of the around-the-way homegirl.

sooo lately i have def been feeling lil miss Sol-Angel herself. she has come back with more fierceness in her pinky than some of these other artists have in their whole body. her funky style & who gives a crap attitude has grown on me. but whatev, that is neither here nor there... Solange is a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter perfection of the woman we adoringly call Bey.

thank goodness she got rid of the burgundy, blonde, & brown braids... okay just the braids in general. =)

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Mpossible said…
I know right?? I love her new look. So unique...Great Blog!!!

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