HAIR WARS: is it because she's relevant...??

Kelis epitomizes what it means to walk, talk, and live to te beat of your own drum. from her music to her choice in fashion... she does as she pleases. her looks have been praised and then snubbed. so why i wonder, has her mushroom bob been snubbed by some/loved by others... but overall when Rih Rih rocks the 'do it is applauded?? it is loved like she rocked it first or something. idk..i have lots of love for both of these characters, but i wonder is it becase Rihanna is the more relevant artist, that she gets more kudos for the look??

hmmm.... discuss


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Anonymous said…
Kelis is always underated it really pisses me off but in europe she is as big as rihanna so fuck the U.S A music
MissDaniD said…
I must say this is an interesting observation...i think people are not moved when they expect something from an individual...when you see an off the wall person like Kelis do something, you think "thats just Kelis being Kelis" but if we see a more "civilized" person (if you will)do it, then it becomes profound. Im not justifying it. Just calling it how I see it.

DaNi D
Jenny B. said…
i came across your blog from Brandi B's blogspot.
And i totally agree with you.
I am a for real Kelis supporter.
I feel that a lot of Rihanna's given looks are Kelis inspired.

It’s hard. I think Rihanna is beautiful, no one can ever take that, but can she please find her self.
She wears everything well because she’s pampered to the fullest.
If I too had a stylist, and were given the best threads in the land I to can look as polished as she does.
I’m not a Rihana believer. Her music does not move me.
But she for sure gets hooked up… so do your thing…

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