POETICALLY INCLINED: i am no saint...

i'm addicted 2 self-sabotage....

i over indulge on platters of
heartache & become tipsy off
glasses of disappointment.
i am a gluttonous LUSH...

Pain is my Vice
i am no saint.

i avoid love like
it's a virus i'm
not trying 2 catch.
i refuse 2 be a
statistic of love.

i snort intangible
fantasies & get high
off ideals of a perfect
man i KNOW doesn't exist.

Pain is my Vice.
i am no saint.



TOR!LYNN said…
so mia im in love with this. if this doesnt describe it all then i dont know what does. so dont b mad when i go ahead and post this to my blog with your credits of course...
love it

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