FRESH FROCKS: diggin these threads...

so the other day i was consuming my daily quickfix of fashion over on when something rather interesting piqued my interest.

Boxing Kitten.
a vintage line of daring patterns & colors welded 2gether to celebrate the divalicious spirits of some foxy black women who have come before us. dresses, shorts, & blouses inspired by Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, & other "SHEROES" the designer (Maya Amina) loves.

fans of Boxing Kitten include: ME! lol, J.Davey, DJ Rashida (america's best dance crew), Erykah Badu, etc etc...

check out some of my fave pieces:

the "Josephine" Dress

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the "Billie" jumper

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

fab..or what??

p.s. TOTALLY unrelated 2 this post (well except for the newness 2 the scene and utter fabness of the 2) this chick KERI HILSON is so effin BAMB! im lovin her style & her single "energy"

indulge & be jealous of the fierceness that is her. this pic is from her feature in TRACE mag.

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I am feeling that first dress. Its so cute! BamB!

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