just like freckles & rainboots...

i am sooo taking a page out of BB's manuscript and doing my own little twist on what i miss. life has forced me to go in directions that have led me from my once well-worn path. sooo these are a few things i miss about my life...

i miss:
M.O.R. sleepovers in ONE bed =)
photoshoots w the "Kheng" & i
weekends in East Highland
thurs evening Spa Nites
drivin 2 LA in 45 mins 2 pick up Shay
brownies & Sunday dinners
Polos on Park
baked goods @ the GGF house
LA Water.. "it's the leeeeekur"
pinky promises in the front seat of the Sentra
red cup parties
the Dorjils
dirt roads & 3am McGriddle runs
"daaaaannng Kranisha"
FunYuns & Paco's w Nise
Ash's encyclopedia of made up words
LAX & the Inglewood condo
chips & dip @ the a.p.t.
parking tickets @ UCR
shots of Patron
"club" runs b4 the club HAHA
Love Jones
boo time
being dangerously in love
happy hour w Ro & Bleether
7eleven slurpees


the life i have led thus far has def been awesome!


That was the best subject line in history....... thanks for the shout out M. Dot. You know I love you like sugar cookies & rockstars lol!

The Blog is lookin sweet too!

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