LIFE AND SUCH: how to winnerize your circle ....

I was scrolling instagram this morning and thought I seen a post that said
"how to winnerize your circle"
so I scrolled back up and it actually said "how to winterize your vehicle" lol
it was a sponsored car insurance post.... LOL

But, in my quick and wrong reading I actually got a dope revelation.
I immediately went into prayer for all of the people in my life.
friends and family. near and far.
even people that I don't have a close relationship with...
they received prayer as well.

THAT was it.
prayer is the key to EVERYTHING.
going before God on behalf of people does so much for them
and even more for US.
prayer softens people's hearts
prayer opens up lines of communication that may not have existed
prayer changes things.

I prayed for God's will to be done in my relationships with people.
meaning if I am meant to be connected, then I will be. if not... I KNOW
people will be removed from my life.
I prayed for people's businesses, marriages, pregnancies, minds, hearts, health, etc.
my one on one time with God FOR people
will do more than any one on one time I have WITH people.

it felt so good to go to God for ,that it convicted me for not
being consistent with my selfless prayers.
a lot of times LIFE kicks in a does a number on us.
so much so, that we get caught up in praying to God for self.
it is more draining to pray and pray and pray and MAGNIFY
what's "wrong" in our lives...than it is to just let it be and get busy
praying for others. most people have burdens that far outweigh our own.
taking a break from self tends to change our own situation without effort.

it's one thing to love people.
another thing to actively go for bat for their souls and peace.

want to run with a circle of winners??

PRAY FOR THEM!!! watch how God uplifts, favors, blesses, protects and provides.

Amen? Amen!



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