POETICALLY INCLINED: the dopest love

I once said that I would mess around
and manifest the dopest love last year

then you appeared.

perhaps, not for the union...
but as a lesson in what dope
love could really feel like.

because you felt great.
and I miss it.

I miss effortless.
I miss intelligence.

I miss telling you secrets
about my spirit....
and you turning me on
by simply understanding it.

my growth in God allows me to trust His timing.
but I can't help but miss the hours we spent facetiming.
planning, plotting and vision sharing
accountability partner to life partner...
I get it. that's scary.

so you shook.
and that's cool.
having you ready is far better than
having you pressured
in my book.

it's just that it doesn't really sit well that we're barely friends
didn't wanna live the cliche' of all good things coming to an end

no hard feelings or grudges
I feel blessed and hopeful about what true love is
knowing the type of King that stirs my soul actually exists
to know I could love someone beyond the physical, not even a kiss.

so maybe you weren't the dopest love manifested
but you were surely a sign of what I am being prepared
to be blessed with.

for that, I thank you and love you.



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