#MiaMcKLovesYou: prepared for greater

deciding to love self is a forever journey.
like, every morning when I wake up it's a must I choose me.
there have been mornings when I chose a lesser version of self.
there have been sunrises where I chose the man sleeping next to me.
there have been 5a alarms that have fallen on deaf ears.
there have been days that started and I struggled to catch up.

deciding to love self is a forever journey.
in 3 days I turn 30 and I am wondering how that morning will be.
I know one thing for sure, waking up and choosing Mia seems like
the most joyful way to spend that day.

I have done a lot of right things and tons of seemingly wrong things as well.
I have no huge declaration of what 30 means to me.
I just know what LIFE is currently meaning to me.
It means taking nothing for granted.
It means I seriously can not do anything without God.
He has been saving me and protecting me and providing for me
in some supernatural ways lately.
There aren't any words of gratitude that can express what I feel.
His glory and His will are being done in my life.

29 years.
29 years of what feels like a dress rehearsal of who I am supposed to become
and what I am meant to do.
I have been shaken, pressed, picked, beaten...
in other words, prepared.

I am ready.
to love, to be, to grow, to show the evidence of my anointing.



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