it has become extremely clear to me that in this age of social networking, reality television, and well-paid paparazzi...we are overly obsessed with instant gratification. our most apparent guilty pleasure?? INFIDELITY. the glorified heaux is running a muck....and i am SO sick of it. from carmen ortega to alicia keys, right on down to the beeeyotch around the corner who you KNOW is sleeping with your homegirl's boo....these tricks are EVERYWHERE!

now, i know some of you ladies are saying "blame the n*gga"...but when do we start looking at the (and this is a stretch by any means of the word) "women" involved in these situations?? some of these broads feel JUSTIFIED and ENTITLED to stake claim in these men who are supposed to be committed to their significant other. YES, the man is at fault too....but the women are JUST AS triflin' and stank! if you're on twitter you may have seen this new application poppin up called FORMSPRING; which is like an honesty box where ppl can ask you questions...anonymously. well being the social networking freak that i am i decided to sign up for this car wreck waiting to happen. like a week ago my boyfriend, @cyrahomega, says on twitter that he is in love with me. AS SOON as he posted it i received a formspring notification with a "question" that said: "in love? do you really think he's faithful to you?" i didnt even dignify that with an answer. a few days later i received another ANONYMOUS formspring question: "don't u think ur too old to be sprung like u are & on top of that, putting it all over the internet?"....now i HAD to address this via twitter.

i wasnt even upset about these questions, but rather, i was baffled. i am in a serious relationship and ppl have the audacity to not only question it's validity....but to make it seem as though i am in the wrong for talking about my relationship on MY OWN public forum. have we as society become THAT obsessed with drama that we cant appreciate...or let alone BELIEVE...that a normal, healthy relationship between two young people is thriving? we look down on the GIRLFRIENDS and WIVES like they are in the wrong...but give side beeeyotches/heauxs/jumpoffs/etc an elevated platform from which to broadcast their "relationships". WHERE DEY DO DAT AT??? im so blown. like for really, my mind is completely blown.

regular Joe Blows HATING Kimmie K, but giving Carmen Ortega props for effin Reggie Bush..?? *puzzled* Alicia Keys singing about super women but choosing to be with Swizz Beats even though he is/was CLEARLY married. buuuut she gets a pass b/c she is more famous than his WIFE Mashonda?? i dont get it. no ink is dry on divorce papers but A.Keys & Swizz are gallivanting around the world like a picture perfect couple. where's the respect??

ladies, instead of testing the boundaries of another woman's relationship...how about you RESPECT those boundaries?? #justathought

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