Monday, January 11, 2010


I want to be naïve...
and paint the world in the vision of how it was
before I learned to see.
when blue wasn't quite blue
and green was perhaps a purplish hue.
change the gradients of the rainbow,
but still allow black to be the most beautiful.
I want to be naïve...
and write the best poem with best words that have yet to be discovered.
edit the dictionary and create the perfect synonym for LOVE...
let's EVOLve.
let us mature, but live life like we're still naïve.
compose music as if these melodies were our life savers.
dance as though the rhythm of our movements would keep our hearts beating.
I want to be naïve.
and experience life in its purest form.
be naïve and love how I'm supposed to love.


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