i know i have been gone for an extremely long time but my life has been going in a million different directions. soooo let me do a brief breakdown on some events....annnnd it goes a lil somethin like this! hit it...

hell yea, pomp&circumstance. GRADUATION BEEEYOTCHES! VEGAS NYE 2010. "i got a boyfriend now" cue that one Eve song..."gotta man & i think im gon' love him forever & forever we'll be together" *smile*. ReGen will be the takeover, baleeedat! Meet the Parents, this is SERIOUS? ummm i think im pregnant...not really buuut yea? MetroLink is my 2nd home. NoHo is EVERYTHING to me. my illegitimate parents are better than yours (word 2 @lymelitemedia @rickyanderson) annnd i love them. Grammy sunday was AMAZING! Guys&Dolls w Surf Club,Drake, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, BEYONCE, Rih Rih, Jay Z, Solange, Usher and sooo many more. truly RIDICULOUS fun! (shout out 2 my cuzzo @geobella). i TOLD u guys BOXING KITTEN was the shit...garments will be featured in the new Alicia Keys & Beyonce' video. the ex is truly one of my BFFs #nodisrespect 2 my new boo. Tara King is an AMAZING person...i heart her. *smile* @mstking. im still callin it like i see it. Miami for some months? it's called EXPANSION. im in it to win it.



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