BAD BISHES: a case of anomalies

Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga...two very interesting personalities new on the music scene. Lady Gaga in all of her creepy glory is still growing on me and Nicki Minaj's bipolar sexuality constantly throws me for a loop.

GAGA: i personally don't think she needs the over the top antics...her talent is enough. but hey, a gimmick is a gimmick and clearly hers is working. she has a cult following that loves the blood drenched ground she so cleverly plays on. her image is becoming somewhat iconic and why wouldn't it? she is anything but cookie cutter and has a nice voice and interesting records to go along with her persona. im not quite anti-gaga...but i wouldn't say im pro-gaga. she's like that strange neighbor who you speak to but remain wary of.

MINAJ: now miss minaj, she definitely throws me for a loop. i wouldn't say she is extremely talented (but a lot of "femcees" as of late haven't been great lyricists) but she has a talent. she's cute and she has a knack for Mattel. this BarbieNation is growing at an exponential rate. i suppose Young Money will be known for making stars out of artists that have yet to release an album under their label. some say that Nicki is the hip hop version of Lady an extent, i can agree. both are making a mark on this industry in a way that other artists have yet to touch. Nicki Minaj has only released mixtapes and has been featured on songs with artists such as Robin Thicke and Mariah Carey. not to mention, Jay Z recommended Nicki be featured on the Robin Thicke joint...MAJOR!

cant knock the hustle of either one of these ladies....they are doing it by any means necessary and being "themselves" the whole way. all i ask?? remain consistent & true to the "you" that you portray.


p.s. can anyone tell me if this is for really Nicki Minaj....?? i have my assumptions...


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