BEHIND THE SCENES: the real fashionista

ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you how much i ADORE Kimmie K (kardashian for you slow pokes). this chick has BRANDED herself something she is a LIFESTYLE. i won't be surprised if she comes out with a line of linens and candles for a complete takeover. Martha Stewart who? no, but for really, hate all you want...bish is getting PAID! ok ok so enough of my boo Kimmie K, let's get to the woman behind the scenes....HER STYLIST! mizzzz monica rose is the woman responsible for Kimmie K's impeccable presentation of self.

check her out on twitter: @monicarosestyle

she also has a BLOG and WEBSITE...get into her.

Kim in one of my fave looks from her Vegas magazine photoshoot!!!

feel free to become even more obsessed w all things Kimmie K



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