Reading through the past couple of years of this blog has given me a headache. Is this really what my life has been about? being hurt? gaaaaah, I can NOT even deal. granted, there haven't been many guys to hurt me....but the same ones were given chance after chance after chance to hurt me, repeatedly. I am CRAZY! a Queen loving beneath her means. never no more. I have cried too much over guys who have not been what they promised to be when they were supposed to be. how hard is it to be honest? to be a friend? a support system.....a confidant....a spiritual partner???? am I nuts to believe that love IS easy?? I truly do not get how guys simply refuse to act like the Kings that they are ....that we, the Queens, need and deserve. smh. this world is screwed up. too much lust. too many broken and bitter people who don't even realize they are broken and bitter. in love....real love, there is only room for two. that's me and you. there are way too many fckd up things going on in the world, LOVE should not be another one. I'm hurt....I acknowledge that. this one happens to hurt more than the other two. I have NEVER EVER been passionate about any person. I was PASSIONATE about this one. felt ...or feels? ....like pieces of me were (are) tied to him. it is a crazy aching feeling. but I numb it as much as possible with any and everything I can. but I know it is still there.....in the pit of my stomach, on the left side of my chest, it is everywhere. but, no worries, this too shall pass. and the slight tarnish of my crown will simply be a sign of character. Queen me..... xo, McK


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